What is artificial stone?

واجهات فلل في أبوظبي

Stone, it is used in cast stone, contracting of cement, sand and natural aggregate such as stone. It is possible to provide some surface texture to synthetic stones. Sometimes, specific specific pigments are used. Dyes should be more than 15% of the volume. Stone can be cast into intricate and detailed shapes, and various sizes […]

Asas Stone

تركيب حجر صناعي في ابوظبي

In the recent years, United Arab Emirates had huge development on the building construction over the country so, it was necessary to enhance this filed with the local products. Asas Stone Factory is a local Factory 100 % and it manufacture all kinds of decoration and artificial stone that fit with different type of buildings. […]

Artificial stone installation

ما هو الحجر الصناعي

 Stone Asas  Company is considered one of the best companies for the installation of artificial and natural stone in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. The Stone Foundation Company also focuses on installing decorations and artificial and natural stone with the highest standards of quality and safety. Installation of artificial stone in Abu Dhabi What are […]

تواصل معنا الآن