What is artificial stone?

واجهات فلل في أبوظبي

Stone, it is used in cast stone, contracting of cement, sand and natural aggregate such as stone. It is possible to provide some surface texture to synthetic stones. Sometimes, specific specific pigments are used.

Dyes should be more than 15% of the volume. Stone can be cast into intricate and detailed shapes, and various sizes can be manufactured. In addition, it can be reinforced to increase strength. Finally, the reference is that the return is cast easily and economically.
jerking stone



When is artificial stone chosen for building construction?


Stone will be used, stone, natural stone, cost.
What are the types of artificial stones?
Briefly discuss different types of synthetic stones along with their constituent materials and their applications.
The ransom stone
It is also called how much is a stone whose value is at least 32 MPa. Ransom stone was made by mixing silica soda with cement, as a decorative paver.

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